I’m dumb

Ack! This is almost three days late- I’m so sorry!!! But, I hope you’ll forgive me because I have the last three chapters of Kiss Made Ato 3 Senchi, in all its sweet, fluffy glory.

Seriously, there’s so much fluff I’m going to get cavities. ;A;

On another note,  we’re looking for cleaners!, typesetters!, and translators (JP or CHN)! to help with various projects. Projects like Flat and others!! You can contact us through email if you’re interested. ;w;

Also, if someone could make us a new credits page/recruitment page, please? Preferably not using Pixiv art because people seem iffy about using art without the artist’s permission nowadays. Or ask the artist first before using.

Feel free to also check out Kagerou Sound.



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