Akihabara Fall In Love

  • Title: Akihabara Fall In Love
  • Alt. Title: アキハバラフォーリンラブ
  • Author: Kashima Chiaki
  • Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Otakus
  • Publisher: Houbunsha
  • Published in: N/A
  • ISBN: 9784832288850
  • Length: 1 volume (end)
  • Scanlation status: Active

Note: Joint with Hoshi Kuzuu.

Summary (from back cover): Hasegawa Yuuki, 25 years old. At first glance, I’m just a capable salaryman. However, I have a problem—the cute otaku Akiba-san, who appears everywhere I go. I seem to have gotten myself involved with him after saving him from thugs extorting money… but I’m bad with otaku! Honestly speaking, I really don’t want to be involved… or at least that’s what I think until he flashes that irresistible smile that turns me on and causes my knees to shake!!

This is the story of a naïve salaryman and an otaku who attracts trouble.

Also included is a story about the love between two childhood friends in high school!

✿ Released Chapters ✿

  • Chapter 1 – mediafire, mega
  • Chapter 1 page fix (fixes small translation error, download and replace the file in the zip) – dropbox

12 responses to “Akihabara Fall In Love

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  3. Thank you so much for working on this series! And please don’t drop the project cause the translations of strawberry time “scanlations” are awful. I’m pretty sure everyone would be happy to read a decent version of this manga. Cheers!:)

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