We are a non-profit group focused on doing everything for the fans. Do not publish nor try to make a profit out of our releases.

※ You may upload our projects onto manga-sharing sites EXCEPT Libre projects. HOWEVER, we prefer that you don’t.

  • Why, you ask? This is because some manga-sharing sites make profit (advertisements, etc.) hosting (technically illegal) releases by groups like us who just do this for fun and for the fandom. Also, many manga-sharing sites have no respect for scanlators’ rules.
  • If you want to read our projects online, you can find them all on Batoto.

※ There is no rule against sharing. Share away, but do not reupload!

  • Feel free to share our releases anywhere (even in the comments section of manga-sharing sites) as long as you only link to our original post with the download links unless otherwise stated.
  • No permission is needed to share.
※ If a project becomes licensed in English, please stop all distribution (sharing, etc.).

※ If you want to re-translate our projects please read and agree to our terms.

Dead link? Report it and we will fix it as soon as possible.


Libre Projects:

  • No uploading or sharing to any manga-sharing sites. Please!
  • Keep all news/info/sharing of these projects on the down low. This is to help prevent Libre from picking up on the fact that we’re scanlating their works.
  • Remember that any and all consequences will affect you (the reader) the most.
  • Retranslators: it’s also your responsibility to keep Libre from learning about the scanlations. Libre can also target non-English scanlation groups if they choose to do so, as you’re also distributing their material.

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