WE’RE lame

We have another chapter that’s 90% done, but I’m waiting for the cleaner to fix up some stuff, so that will be released ASAP (hopefully tomorrow).

SORRY FOR THE MEGA LATE IN THE FUCKING NIGHT RELEASE. Kano is completely brain dead and totally forgot about everything because she was studying for a test… (kinda)

V2 of Chapter 1 has some edits that make the script flow better.

Sorry for fucking up if anyone actually saw what the fuck I did. …times 2. – Kano.


18 responses to “WE’RE lame

  1. Thanks a lot, I read the summary in baka-updates and It seems interesting, a story of love tht begins due to Yuma delusions, How would It end? 😉

    Thanks a lot again for the great work, can’t wait for the rest of the stories, Thanks :********

  2. Aww you’re not lame. You know what’s lame? Dull crayons. Really the great tragedy of our time. Thanks so much for all your hard work. And good luck to Kano with her kinda studying?

  3. SOOOO COOL!!!!
    really sansei knows how to warm my heart!!!! Too cute for my shirt!!!!
    I can’t ….i’m crying… amazing this manga!!!
    Thank you so much kagerou team, the greatest work ever and share it with us * 3 * GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

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