Otouto ja Irarenai!!


  • Title: Otouto ja Irarenai!!
  • Alt. Title: 弟じゃいられない!!, Hard to be the Younger Brother!!
  • Author: Minaduki Yuu
  • Genre: Yaoi, Comedy
  • Publisher: Libre Shuppan
  • Published in: Magazine Be x Boy
  • ISBN: 9784862639608
  • Length: 1 volume (end)
  • Scanlation status: Active

Note: Please refrain from sharing or uploading this series anywhere. Thank you!

Summary: Kai loves his stepbrother Riku from the bottom of his heart. However, Riku treasures “the bonds of siblinghood” more than anything, so Kai must hide his feelings and instead act as a “good brother”… but skinship no longer satisfies him anymore!

✿ Released Chapters ✿

★ Read online – batoto

97 responses to “Otouto ja Irarenai!!

  1. Hi, thanks for all your hard work on this project. Just a question though, there seems to be a missing page in Chapter 2. I’m not sure if you guys forgot to scanlate it or if it got left out of the chapter when you zipped it. It’s immediately after page 19. Hopefully, you’ll give it a look? Thank you!

  2. Ah, I just re-read this and it is so cute! I can’t wait to see the development between the two. I love Kai’s reaction, they’re so expressive. Reminds me of Rei from Free!, ha ha. Thank you for introducing this work and I can’t wait for your future releases. =D

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  7. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

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  10. 😦 I know you’re gone, but just game across this. and wanted to thank you all for the work you did! Thanks!!!

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