Q: Who are you guys? What do you do?
A: We are a group of BL fans brought together by our eternal love of the gay. We focus on scanlating BL works, but we also scanlate shonen or shoujo if there’s an interest. We also strive to piss off as many other scanlation groups as we can. :’D

Q: When are your releases?
A: We try to release every Sunday PST (so it may be Mondays if you live on the other side of the world).

Q: Where can I download [insert title here]?
A: You can find download links for all our public releases here, or on tumblr. At the moment, private releases are only available to friends.

Q: Can we joint with you?
A: Sure, as long as your group is willing to put in the time and effort for a high quality release and is willing to put up with Kido being a bum. Please contact us to work out the details.

Q: Can I join your group as a _____________?
A: Of course, we are always looking for new staff! Please see our recruitment page for more info.

Q: I don’t want to join, but I would still love to help you guys out! What can I do?
A: We are always looking for HQ scans for requested projects or future projects. You can also donate to us. All money donated will go towards buying books to scan.

Q: Do you take requests? May I request a title?
A: Sure, just leave a comment here.

Q: When will you release the next chapter of [insert title here]?
A: Whenever we can. Most of our group consists of students, so things can get pretty busy for us, especially around exam time. Please don’t bug us.

Q: Can I share your projects?
A: Yes. Please see our rules for more info.

Q: Can I upload your projects onto a manga-sharing site?
A: Yes, feel free to upload any of our projects EXCEPT Libre projects. Just keep all the files, especially our credits.

Q: Can my group translate [insert title here] into a different language?
A: Yes, but please go through our rules and inform us before retranslating our projects.

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