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  2. Hello, I’m just a reader who happened to see a comment regarding Kagerou Scans’ future projects keep being “stolen”. Just a suggestion, maybe it’s possible to type something along the lines of “will be scanlated by Kagerou Scans” in that project’s desription on Baka Updates, so that interested scanlators will know who to ask? (I’ve seen “summary taken from ” on BU before) I agree that having another group work on a project that you’ve already invested time and money in is a waste. (I’d be a bit annoyed too) At the same time, there are a lot of scanlating groups out there that I don’t blame the “thief” for unknowingly taking up someone’s future project because they didn’t spend lots of their free time looking up every scanlation group that has done bl.

    • Yeah, sometimes we do “summary taken from,” but sometimes I forget or we don’t have a summary for the series yet so… 😦

      Kano and I and other staff have actually been talking and saying that there should be a site like BU but for future projects, so scanlators can know if other groups/people are interested in working on a series or something. SOMEONE MAKE THIS A REALITY.

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