Love Limit!!

  • Title: Love Limit!!
  • Alt. Title: ラブリミット!!
  • Author: Kitazawa Kyou
  • Genre: Yaoi
  • Publisher: Frontier Works
  • Published in: Daria
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Length: 0 volumes (ongoing)
  • Scanlation status: Future

Summary: Rintarou and Kyo are childhood friends from kindergarten. Rintarou was initially troubled by Kyo’s sudden confession, but after Kyo left to study abroad in England, Rintarou started to see him as a possible romantic partner. Now, four years have passed and Rintarou is a child-caretaker, while Kyo has just returned as a new professional soccer player. Rintarou is uneasy about all the changes that have occurred to them both while separated, but Kyo tells him that “for this whole time, the only one I’ve liked is you”…

17 responses to “Love Limit!!

  1. I can`’t wait to read this release! Thank you for having it considered in your future projects. Great group btw ❤

  2. I really hope that you are still planning to translate this title. I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. Pleeeeaasseee release this soon. 😭😭😭 I’ve been waiting for so long and I need it in my life. 😭

  4. I hope this could be released soon. I’m dying to know what happened next to my favorite manga couple TT Thank you~

  5. Please release this one soon.i want to see what happens next.saw the raw scans but unfortunately i’m no japanese.

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