Hitorijime My Hero


  • Title: Hitorijime My Hero
  • Alt.Title: ひとりじめマイヒーロー
  • Author: Arii Memeko
  • Genre: Yaoi, School Life
  • Publisher: Ichijinsha
  • Published in: Gateau
  • ISBN: 9784758071789 (vol. 1); 9784758072618 (vol. 2); 9784758073073 (vol. 3)
  • Length: 3 volumes (ongoing)
  • Scanlation Status: Future

Joint with our good friends at Horobosu.

2 responses to “Hitorijime My Hero

  1. in case anyone’s not aware… but Horobosu’s Lj been purged. some people are working already on chapters 1-3. I’ve seen on mangago(dot)com although it’s not clear if they’ve form a group already or have official site.

    dearest kagerou, let us know any update on this. thank you ❤

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