Ten Count


  • Title: Ten Count
  • Alt. Title: テンカウント, 10 Count
  • Author: Takarai Rihito
  • Artist: Takarai Rihito
  • Genre:  Psychological, Slice of Life
  • Publisher: Shinshokan
  • Published in: Dear+
  • ISBN: 9784403664199 (vol. 1)
  • Length: 1 volume (ongoing)
  • Scanlation status: Pending

Summary: Shirotani is the mysophobic secretary for his company’s president. After a chance encounter with the counselor Kurose, Shirotani begins to take counseling in order to overcome his fear. To advance in the therapy, Shirotani is asked to complete a list of ten tasks, one by one. During the process, however, he gradually becomes attracted to Kurose…

F.A.Q (Frequently Answered Questions)

Q. Why are you guys picking up Ten Count if two other groups are already working on it?
A. Kano, Takarai Rihito-sensei’s #1 fan, was unsatisfied with the scanlation quality of the other groups and asked if we could do our own version.

Q. Why should I download your release if I’ve already read it elsewhere?
A. Quality.

Q. What scans are you using?
A. We’re be using tankobon scans for volume 1, which goes up to chapter 6. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to buy the magazines, nor do we have a provider, so for now, we’ll most likely be waiting and then using tanko scans for the newer chapters as well.

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