Otonosama Gorankou

  • i120314Title: Otonosama Gorankou
  • Alt. Title: お殿様ご乱行, Otonosama Gorangyou
  • Author: Fujisawa Kyupio
  • Genre: Comedy, Historical, Yaoi
  • Publisher: Oakla Shuppan
  • Published in: N/A
  • ISBN: 9784775510780
  • Length: 1 volume (end)
  • Scanlation Status: Active

Note: Joint with Fushichou from chapter 6 onwards.

Summary: [from Fushichou] This series is based around a master and his shinobi servant. The chapters are broken down into short stores or “missions” with the master and shinobi as the main characters. In all the missions the master uses his position to tease or pressure his shinobi servant into submitting to his sexual demands.

✿ Released Chapters ✿

17 responses to “Otonosama Gorankou

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  3. Thank you very much for the new chapter and your continued hard work, I’m looking forward to read!!!

  4. For anyone here that might know… It says to get the previous releases at Fushichou, but they’re a closed community… is there any way to get the earlier chapters? TTATT

    • Hi! Sorry, I’m not sure how to join their community (I’m not a member of it myself), but you can find the previous chapters on any manga-reader site or even on MangaTraders (although I don’t promote those sites, but if you’re desperate, I guess). Hope that helps!

      • Ooooh, I figured since they were a closed community their releases wouldn’t be anywhere. =a=;; And also I hate manga reader sites since they’re jerks who make money off scanlation and have crappy image quality so I didn’t think to try any of those;;

        Thanks for the guidance ( ̄ー ̄)/

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