Kiss Made Ato 3 Senchi


  • Title: Kiss Made Ato 3 Senchi
  • Alt. Title: キスまであと3センチ, It is 3cm to Kiss, 3cm Until We Kiss
  • Author: Chidori Peko
  • Genre: Yaoi, Romance
  • Publisher: Core Magazine
  • Published in: Drap
  • ISBN: 9784864364942
  • Length: 1 volume (end)
  • Scanlation status: Complete

Summary: Spin-off of Love Lesson. Sakurazuka, a manager at an entertainment agency, has been on the receiving end of the advances by the agency’s president, Umekage, for many years. At some point recently, however, the joking confessions by Umekage have, oddly enough, started to become more serious…

✿ Released Chapters ✿

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