This is not a manga release.

Today marks the start of something new, Kagerou Sound, which is basically us ripping drama CDs & other Japanese music albums that we think you guys might like and posting them to our site. Because ruining only one Japanese industry wasn’t enough™.

Just kidding. If you guys like the stuff we post, I definitely recommend you guys buy yourself a copy! Especially music albums; you can usually find a digital copy on iTunes or similar stores. I’ll add some purchase links that I find, but you might want to look elsewhere as well.

Please don’t repost or reproduce our files! Thanks!

We’re also looking for Japanese translators to help us with drama CD translations! Currently thinking about translating drama CDs for the series we’ve worked on/are going to work on. If you’re interested, send us a message.

Back to your regularly scheduled manga releases this Sunday.


4 responses to “[Kagerou Sound] UBUBUUBUBUBUBU

  1. (Because ruining only one Japanese industry wasn’t enough™) lols… I know I shouldn’t laugh.
    thank you!

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