Melancholic Mellow Mellow chapter 6 translation fixes

Noticed some translation errors in the chapter I should have caught while QCing, that might have made some parts confusing. This is just to clear everything up.

page 9:

  • Original: “Afterwards, we talked together for a long time.”
  • Edited: “Besides, we normally chat a lot too…”
  • Basically, Yuuta is thinking that because he and the girl chat a lot, it would imply he and the girl are friends, so it shouldn’t be strange for them to go out to dinner together.

pg 10:

  • Original: “But I’m not going to hit him.”
  • Edited: “So it’s not like I can do anything about it anyways.”
  • Pretty self-explanatory?

pg 18:

  • Original: “I’m saying you’re a liar.”
  • Edited: “Liar! Hurry up and say it!”
  • In the original, it was unclear who was talking, but now you can tell that it’s Madoka speaking.

I have compiled these edits into a .zip file here.

7 responses to “Melancholic Mellow Mellow chapter 6 translation fixes

  1. Thanks for the hard work you’ve put in!

    And while we’re on the subject of translation fixes…I hope you don’t mind me dropping in my two cents. But on page 21, shouldn’t that first line be something more like “Then, wouldn’t it have been better if you’d rejected me more forcefully?” and in the 3rd panel the first balloon is Yuuta’s not Madoka’s (I have the drama cd, so I’ve head it). So shouldn’t those lines read more like: Y: “Why did you kiss me?” M: “Why did you let me?” And then on page 26: rather than “Until I say…s-stop” I think it’s “Until YOU say it”, meaning until Madoka reciprocates and says “I love you” Yuuta won’t do it with him. (In the drama cd we get to hear him actually whisper it).

    Anyways, those are just my opinions. Take ’em or leave ’em. I wouldn’t try to tell you how to do you’re work. ^___^

    • Sigh… I really should’ve paid more attention to translation errors. Anyways, this is just me looking at the Chinese translation, so I don’t know how it compares to the Japanese, but:

      pg 21 first bubble: Yes, it should be something along what you wrote. /cries
      pg 21 third bubble: Seems to me like it’s Madoka who’s saying this. Maybe they changed this in the drama CD?
      pg 26: I completely missed what was going on. You’re correct once again!

      I’ll fix these for chapter 7’s release then. SO MANY CHANGES I’M SORRY PEOPLE.

      • It’s not really a big deal, the rest of it is solid. You guys do fantastic work. One or two missteps won’t ruin your reputation. ^.~

        Yeah, I’m reading it from the Japanese. Dunno what the intention was when Sensei wrote it, but the pg 21 third bubble is definitely delivered by Yuuta in the drama CD. (It’s among my top 5 fav dramas, so I listen to it a lot. lolz) I THINK the intention was, they were each trying to get the other to confess first. lolz. Men. But to be honest, that panel flows fine either way you read it. So I wouldn’t worry with it.

        Anyways, I do look forward to chapter 7! Finally an H scene when they’re both sober! XD But poor Yuuta, I’m not sure he’ll ever get over the embarrassment. Gambatte!

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