[Poll, now closed!] Downloading Our Releases

Just wondering if we should stick with Mediafire hosting, or switch, or even have multiple hosts?
Let me know what you think! Comments such as “______ does not work in my country.” would be appreciated as well. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

Poll closed. Looks like we will be using Mediafire with Mega as a backup. Hopefully this will be fine with everyone! Thanks to everyone who voted!

19 responses to “[Poll, now closed!] Downloading Our Releases

  1. If you switch to Mega, could you also use Ge.tt or something? Mega’s TOU make me a little nervous, tbh, but I figure it is accessible to more people.

    • Personally, I don’t really like mega because it doesn’t work well on my computer a lot of the time. If we do end up switching to mega, we will probably use mediafire as an alternate host. -Kido

  2. I prefer mega, since there is downloader and uploader [it’s unofficial] for easy usage.
    I used to download using browser, but it often fail or stuck at 100%, but using mega downloader, i can even pause for later.

  3. Please don’t use mega and 4shared T3T its very slow to download and sometimes crash on my browser… Mediafire still provide me the best!♥
    oh and as for sendspace, they won’t allow double downloads from diff sendspace links at the same time -_-

  4. Mediafire is good. Mega and Sendspace are fine, although Sendspace only allows one dl at a time. 4shared you have to log in for, but it’s ok too.

  5. I like mega the best but mediafire is ok even though they come with pop up advertisement. Sometimes I can’t download from 4shared and I don’t know the reason so I hope you won’t use it. Send space is least preferred because it can’t download parallel files.

  6. Actually, I’m okay with whatever you decide to use as long as it’s easy and works well for you! 🙂 Thanks for asking us, though. Really appreciate it!

  7. I’m ok with those four mentioned file hosts i’m just a bit nervous with mega since the previous megaupload blocked in my country before and i don’t want the same thing happen with mega. I also want to suggest adrive but i dunno if it’s ok with other user.

  8. mediafire is becoming a giant spam site for pop-ups, I get 3 pop-ups n the course of accessing 1 download, not to mention, the speed is awfully slow. Mega is the speediest choice in my experience but 4share is more reliable in terms of lasting links. Mediafire is also quick to filter and delete links. drop box or google drive are also possibilities to consider.

  9. dropbox, mediafire, mega, 4shared and sendspace. Though mediafire have those nasty pop-up per click, I used to it. I’ll go with whatever works the best for you guys.

  10. Ok, this is a bit involved, so plz bear with me.
    I usually use an iPad to view manga because of vision problems.
    Mediafire works fine on an iPad unless ther’s a password required. But on my (really old) computer, MF has lots of popups. Fastest though.
    Mega isn’t ipad friendly yet, but wants me to use Chrome on the computer.
    Sendspace works with both, but slowly, and can get interrupted and requires a start over.
    4shared works sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    Whew! But I guess I vote for multiple uploads if you can manage it. Hope this helps.

  11. Mega is the best (for speed and privacy) and works with any decent browser.
    Mediafire is nice too, slow but we can dl several files at the same time.
    Sendspace is fine, but slow and only one file at the same time (if I remember correctly).
    4shared is not working here.

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