…and we’re back, with another release post! This post’s featured image is from chapter 2 of Otouto ja Irarenai!!, and the release post title is an inside joke during QCing of Melancholic Mellow Mellow chapter 7, brought to you by our official title maker, Hasu.

  • [9:57:04 PM] Hasu: i’m laugh
  • [9:57:05 PM] Hasu: p7
  • [9:57:08 PM] Hasu: the japanese says
  • [9:57:14 PM] Hasu: let’s have srs sex nao
  • [9:59:35 PM] Hasu: i guess
  • [9:59:41 PM] Hasu: cus “honki” is like
  • [9:59:49 PM] Hasu: being…srs
  • [10:00:08 PM] Kido: now
  • [10:00:11 PM] Kido: lets have serious sex
  • [10:00:17 PM] Kido: seriously good sex

Sadly, we did not use this wording in the actual chapter. ):

On another note, thanks to all those who voted in our poll. I think that using Mediafire with Mega as a backup seems the best and most convenient for everyone. I will start implementing this in our next release~

Please enjoy some serious smexin’.


Please refrain from uploading or sharing Otouto ja Irarenai!! anywhere, as it is a Libre series! If you absolutely cannot download, feel free to visit our reader.

30 responses to “SERIOUS SEX

  1. thank you very much for this release. I am looking forward to the outcome of the relationship of the brothers in the Otouto ja Irarenai series. And i am also fascinated with the shortie seme of melancholic mellow mellow… hehe. its rare to find shortie seme….

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