Calling all graphic designers!

Throughout the year, Kagerou Scans will be looking for graphic designers to help us create credits pages, inserts, and whatnot. Helping us is an easy way to gain access to our livejournal with our private releases.

If you want to help us as a full-time graphic designer, please let me know as well~

Email your pages (in PSD form, please!) to and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

As of right now, we are looking for:

  • headers (1 or more)
  • anniversary pages “Happy 1st Anniversary, Kagerou Scans!” (1 or more)
  • credits (1)
  • notes (1)
  • recruitment (1)


  • any size is fine except for headers, which must be 940 x 250 in size. if it’s too big, we may resize.
  • you may use any mangacaps from our previous or current projects, as well as any pairings from popular anime/manga (e.g shizaya, rinharu, etc.)
  • if you use any art from pixiv artists (even if the image is not from pixiv), you must source in this format! : image by [artist name] (id: [pixiv id]) on pixiv
  • headers must include Kagerou Scans
  • credits pages must allow space for the following items: group name, manga title, author, scanner, cleaner, translator, proofreader, typesetter and QC, as well as our group website
  • notes pages, recruitment pages and warning pages must allow ample space for text as well as include our group name (website not required).


  • credits page (or feel free to look at our recent releases):

000 credits

000 notes

  • recruitment page:

000 recruiting

  • warning page:

000 warning

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