-sweats nervously-

Hello, hope everyone’s having a good week. u vu

After a couple months of no progress, I’m here with two new chapters of (you guessed it) Love Kids!! ^____^ Sorry for the delay, guys! HUGE thanks to Fairy Rose who helped provide us with scans and to everyone who helped move this project forward.

We are looking for lots of help for our first anniversary bulk at the end of March! 2 out of the 4 new books I’ve ordered have arrived, and if everything goes well, I should have the other 2 books by the end of this month. We need help from experienced cleaners, typesetters, Japanese translators, proofreaders, and even QCers. The more help we get, the more projects we can release for the bulk! So if you have some time this month or next month to help out, please contact us for more information! Projects include Chidori Peko, Kitazawa Kyou, and Ayumi Saki.

So, you’ll see that there are two versions of Chapters 2 & 3. One is the regular version, and the other is the Kiyo version. The difference? Our Japanese translators have told us that Kyo-kun’s name should actually be “Kiyo”! So the Kiyo version uses Kiyo as the name instead of Kyo. But if you’d rather stay consistent, feel free to download the regular version where the name is untouched.


27 responses to “-sweats nervously-

  1. thank you so much for your hard work ! ❤ ( what is the message on the final page of the release ? there is another serie with this two? )

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