Happy new year!

A bit late, but happy new year everyone!

I’m excited to see where this new year brings us as a group, and I even made some new years resolutions. 8’D


  1. Have more timely releases. Starting next week, we hope to bring you weekly releases, even if it’s just a chapter. releases will be every Sunday PST (so Monday, for some of you folk on the other side of the world) unless stated beforehand. 
  2. Improve quality. We’ve been striving to improve our quality over the past year, starting from scanning our own books to making sure translations are accurate. (:
  3. Increase staff. So we can bring you more homo porn. 8’D We’ve already gotten new staff and are furiously working to finish some projects.

Thank you once again for all your patience and support in the past year. ❤ Let’s hope for a good 2014!

5 responses to “Happy new year!

  1. Those are some awesome, not to mention admirable resolutions with the beneficiaries of said goals being us leechers. Seems almost unfair really. I can only hope that my undying gratitude will suffice as thanks 🙂 here’s to a great new year for you guys, too.

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