Gaaaaaaay, pardner.

(Releasing this slightly before Blissful Sin, hope they don’t mind.)

Howdy, and welcome to the second release of the week, brought to you by Blissful Sin and Kagerou Scans. More releases are hopefully on their way! (I’m planning on releasing Melancholic Mellow Mellow chapters 6 & 7 for sure; and possibly Dia Game 5 and Grainerie 1. We’ll see how much work gets done.)

Today’s post title has been brought to you by Kano and Hasu, official title makers. //claps

I’ll spare you guys from the recruitment paragraph for today. You’re welcome.

Today’s preview image comes from chapter 4 of Green Peace. Chapters 4 and 5 round off the main story, but there are still a few more chapters left. Enjoy!


Alternatively, you can always download off their site once they release. (:

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