Not dead!!!

Notes on Mousouka: last chapter woooo! This turned out to be a hidden gem and I’m really happy I bought the book. Looking forward to Ayumi Saki’s future works.

Notes on 4 Goushitsu: this manga is such a mess, hahaha. But in a good way! We’re also looking for scans for this ‘else it’s gonna be a while until we can release the next chapter.

To anyone who’s sent me an email in the past few months: if I’ve never replied to it, please resend it and I’ll get to it ASAP. Also, any staff who I haven’t contacted in a while and who still want to help, please send me an email as well. Thank you!

Things I’ve posted to tumblr that y’all might be interested in:

Requests are closed for now.
Current (tentative) plan of action:

  • slowly get through most of the current/future projects we have on our list, and that we’ve already started work on
  • take requests on what to work on after above


More releases to come very soon.™

18 responses to “Touching

  1. Thanks a lot, I’m glad you are alive and Kicking jejeje 🙂
    I always read your comments in tumbrl, so I already knew you haven’t left us, but I’m really grateful for all the work you put to bring us these wondrful releases today, I love them and really enjoyed Mousouka, Koi o Suru too.
    Thanks a thousand :*******

  2. thank you for the releases. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

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  4. yup mousouka was A++++ content =w=/

    OH SHIT why didn’t I realize 4gou was magazine based
    Well, I did when I was QCing it and saw the mag cover but I don’t remember a mag cover before lol wtf


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