Happy New Year!

Well… it’s been a while. It’s also 2015 now (?!) Sorry for being dead.


  • We are recruiting people who know Japanese (translators, and proofreaders). We are also still recruiting experienced typesetters and cleaners.
  • Also recruiting a QCer, maybe? To qualify for this position, you must have experience with typesetting and cleaning. Email us for a test.
  • Releases will be slow because life ha. ha. ha. //rolls away

Here’s one release for now. More to come whenever I finish QCing them (hint need more experienced qcers to join to help thx).

Also, I moved Kakemakumo, Kashikoki to the “shoujo” section. I looked at the rest of the volume and I don’t think it’s necessarily “shoujo” (it has more of a “josei” feel), but I figured you guys might want a warning that the focus isn’t on the gay. So if you’re the type of person who only reads yaoi/shounen-ai, read at your own risk. And, even though this chapter seems like the end of the story, it’s not. There are still two or three more chapters and some extras left.


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