Shitsuru 2.0

Woah! We didn’t drop anything and are actually working on projects?!

Big thanks to Zephire for making the credits, recruitment and new years page for us! We’re still looking for graphic designers, especially to help create headers for us (check the sticky).

I want to buy new books soon, and the books for future projects come together to about 50 USD including shipping, so any donations would be greatly appreciated! (There’s a link on the sidebar.)


Shiina 2 tomorrow.

19 responses to “Shitsuru 2.0

    • Hi, we’ll add them to the list of requested projects; however, we’re pretty busy at the moment with current projects and future projects, so it may be a while before we get to them, if at all.

      • ooh, thank you! 😀
        They’re both really good mahwans and i’m just dying to know what happens in them!
        THANK YOU!

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