Koi no Mannaka


  • Title: Koi no Mannaka
  • Alt.Title: 恋のまんなか, Heart of Love
  • Author: Matsumoto Miecohouse
  • Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Psychological
  • Publisher: Taiyou Tosho
  • Published in: HertZ
  • ISBN: 9784813051602
  • Length: 1 Volume (end)
  • Scanlation Status: Complete

Summary (from MangaUpdates): Ichinose Tsukasa, an elite student at a public school, can’t help watching Matsubara Chitose, another student that is his complete opposite. When Matsubara confronts him, Ichinose is drawn into a physical relationship that becomes more than either boy expected.

✿ Released Chapters ✿

  • Chapters 1-5 released by omgbl
  • Chapters 6-8, extra – mediafire (end)

pass: titanslovechinkos


6 responses to “Koi no Mannaka

  1. I am probably missing something really obvious, but this file seems to be password protected and for the life of me I cannot find the password or any information on how to get it. Is that available somewhere or have I finally gone off the deep end?

    • Whoops, I had forgotten this file was locked and to post the password while moving the download links from tumblr to wordpress. I’ve added the password to the page.

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