The Film Emperor Asks For Divorce Every Day 影帝每天都想离婚[穿书] Ch. 1

Translated by Neirith

Ling Qing found himself crossing over.

It wasn’t a big deal. After all, as a 21st century man, who didn’t know about transmigration?

But then he discovered he had transmigrated into a novel. This was okay, novel transmigration and time travel were very popular in recent years. He wasn’t the first, nor the last to do so.

Ling Qing was still very calm. However, he was soon not so calm, because he discovered that this was a different genre than what he usually read. 

Dog blood scum were common, but dog blood scum involving mpreg was not common! And, in the novel he’d transmigrated to, he was exactly that poor son of a bitch.

He looked at his lower abdomen. Wasn’t this the identity of his body? 

No, even if he had this body, he should still be the gong! There’s no way he could be the shou!

However, as the plot was sorted out, Ling Qing sadly discovered that it was as he’d feared — it was really the identity of this body. The body he’d crossed over to was really the cheapest!

He looked at the beauty before his eyes; he wasn’t far away and was talking to the steward.

This was the scum of all scum and also the richest person in the novel, President Yu Chen, the young master of the Yu family and lifeline of the nation’s economy. 

It was a regret, as Ling Qing felt the man suit his tastes. When he first awoke, he almost couldn’t resist asking for his number. 

Even if this kind of God-like beauty was unattainable, the yearning was great. 

Unfortunately, he turned out to be the protagonist of this book. A scum gong who could impregnate this body!

Ling Qing sighed. 

This mountain couldn’t have two gongs, especially if one of them was scum. Wouldn’t this type of pair split up by the New Year?

As Ling Qing was about to bid his goodbyes, a memory flashed in his mind and he was shocked. 

Fuck! The plot has progressed to the point that they were already married! Not only that, but on the night of his wedding, his husband ran away and attended a party with his White Moonlight!

Although the original owner of this body was the protagonist, he wasn’t the true love of the scum gong. Who he really loved was his little White Lotus brother who was pure and unstained, he who could be viewed from afar and who could not be desecrated. 

Despite being married now, they would divorce later, then be chased and remarry again, endure abuse, become pregnant and miscarry, divorce again, then repeat the cycle again until both people were unable to continue. 

No need to do this, it wasn’t worth it, let’s just fast forward. 

Ling Qing yawned and beckoned to the beauty not far away from him. “You come here.”

As Yu Chen turned his head and looked at him, Ling Qing felt his heart beat. 

Fuck! He’s really beautiful. That he didn’t get to sleep with this beauty beforehand, Ling Qing felt his heart ache. 

Yu Chen frowned and reluctantly walked toward Ling Qing, saying with a cold tone, “What do you want?”

Ling Qing raised his eyes and calmly said, “Give me 10 million and we’ll divorce.” 

“What are you talking about?”

Ling Qing put a hand over his heart, looking aggrieved, “I’ll set you free!”

“Is this a new way to attract my attention?”

Ling Qing shook his head sadly, “Of course not! I’m just thinking of you, after all, I love you so much!”

Yu Chen: …

Ling Qing continued with tears in his eyes, “Don’t you want to divorce me?”

“What do you think?”

“Then give me 10 million and we can divorce now.”

He sold his emotions, giving a live show. OMG! Look at this divorce certificate! Explosive model found nation-wide! Limited edition, very popular! High-end! Atmospheric! Feels great! With it, you’ll be the most free man in the world! Marriage, family, responsibilities, no need for those! Found in successful men’s hands! Buy now, you only need 10 million! Only 10 million! It’s worth it! To buy is to earn! As long as you pay 10 million, singles are free to take home! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Yu Chen: …

Yu Chen didn’t want to talk to him, “If there’s nothing, stay out of trouble. I have something to do, so I’m going back to the company first.” 

“Then my 10 million…”

“Are you so eager to beg me for money?” Yu Chen frowned, “We just got married!”

Ling Qing squinted at him and said nothing. Then, he said indifferently, “Well, what do you want me to do without money? Want me to hate you? Want me to have an affair?” 

“You!” Yu Chen’s eyes flashed with displeasure.

Ling Qing blinked, “So, we’re not well matched. Divorce is the best option. Baby, think about it, okay? We’ll complete the transfer on March 2nd?”

“Are you able to accept transfers?” Yu Chen was disgruntled.

Ling Qing smiled, “Well, why don’t I give you my account number to do a direct transfer, or do you want to write me a check?”

Yu Chen: …

Yu Chen took a deep breath, “Give up! I won’t give you a dime! Think about what you’ve said this time and stop messing around!”

Either way, a beauty is a beauty and he still looks good when he’s angry. 

Looking at his face, Ling Qing waved his hand to drive him away, “Leave if you don’t agree, don’t disturb my rest, thank you~”

“I’m not done talking to you.”

Ling Qing ignored him, “Oh.”

“You hear me?!”


Yu Chen was furious, “Fine! I see how it is!”

Ling Qing gave a slight smile, “Of course.”

Goal complete, he waved Yu Chen away and went back to sleep. He slept all afternoon before getting out of bed. 

Sorting out the plot in his mind, he went downstairs to get something to eat. Yu Chen had yet to return, and the servants had no respect for his wife who had just entered the household.

The chef who was nibbling on melon seeds said, “What? Don’t have hands? Can’t cook for yourself?”

Ling Qing didn’t argue and walked into the kitchen. 

Two minutes later, the kitchen caught fire.

The chef was shocked, “Ah, you’re dead meat!”

Ling Qing looked at her innocently, “I can’t cook.”

“And you’re still in the kitchen.”

“Aren’t you one to talk,” Ling Qing parroted her, “Don’t have hands? Can’t cook for yourself?”

The chef: …

She was so mad that she wanted to scold him, but when the steward heard the news she was the one who was scolded first. 

Feeling wronged, the chef cried and cried, and at the urging of the steward, picked up a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

Seeing that nearly everyone in the house was fighting the fire, Ling Qing felt he should not help and turned to leave.

When everyone extinguished the fire, they remembered the culprit and went to educate him only to find that Ling Qing was gone.

The steward quickly reported to Yu Chen, “Master, not good, your wife ran away!”

Yu Chen: ???

“He set the kitchen on fire and ran away!”

Yu Chen: !!!

Yu Chen rubbed his temples, “Okay, let him run. We’ll see if he doesn’t return tonight!” After saying this, he threw down his fists. 

Seeing this, Huo Qi, who was sitting on the sofa drinking tea, wondered, “What’s wrong? Why are you so angry?”


“It’s about your new Mrs.” Huo Qi guessed.

Yu Chen stared at him.

Smiling, Huo Qi said, “So why did you marry him? Do you like him?”

“Are you kidding? Me, like him?” He gave a cold laugh, “If I like him then I’m a dog!”

Huo Qi stuck out his tongue, “Well, you’re still married.” 

Yu Chen glanced at him and said nothing. 

Ling Qing got out of the taxi and chose a restaurant to eat dinner at. After eating, he saw Yu Chen and his friends walking towards him from the other side.

Seeing him, Huo Qi brushed Yu Chen, “Your wife.”

“Your wife!” Yu Chen retorted.

He turned around. Fuck! It really is his wife!

Ling Qing smiled and walked towards them.

“Aren’t you running away?” Yu Chen asked.

Ling Qing replied helplessly, “…Brother, I just came out to eat.”

“You set the house on fire!”

Ling Qing was unwilling to admit this, “Don’t speak nonsense. I can’t cook so someone asked me to do it. I didn’t pay attention and the kitchen caught fire. I also wanted to help put it out but I saw the chef and steward putting it out with an extinguisher so I just left without any worries.” 

“So you put so much effort into running away, to see whom?” 

Pointing at the restaurant where he’d just eaten, Ling Qing said, “Mr. Golden Soup with Fat Beef, Mr. Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, and Miss Mapo Tofu.”

Yu Chen: …

“Going home? Take me with you, I don’t have a car.”

Yu Chen looked at him and said, “Don’t you love running around? Then go run around, who cares about you!”

Just as he said this, he considered that Ling Qing was now his and there were many people watching. If he refused this time, he’d lose face.

Reaching out, Yu Chen called a taxi, “You go back first. I have something to do so I won’t be going home.”

Ling Qing didn’t ask anything and replied with an “oh” as he got on the taxi. 

A man standing near the back waved at him, “Bye sister-in-law.”

Yu Chen squinted.

Smiling, Ling Qing waved and left in the taxi. 

That night, Ling Qing locked the door and wondered if Yu Chen would enter his room. At 11 o’clock, Yu Chen returned home and, as usual, walked towards the master bedroom. He passed Ling Qing’s room without pause. 

At ease, Ling Qing slept peacefully. The next morning, Ling Qing went downstairs to find that Yu Chen was eating breakfast. After descending the stairs, he went into the kitchen and picked up a set of tableware, sitting on the opposite side of Yu Chen, eating his food as he continued to promote a divorce.

“Kiss me, like a husband and wife couple who share the same bed.”

“We don’t share a bed,” Yu Chen interrupted him.

Ling Qing changed his tune, “A couple like us, who sleep in separate beds, are just torturing each other. As long as you are willing to give me 20 million, I will…”

Puzzled, Yu Chen glanced at him, “Wasn’t it 10 million yesterday?”

“The price has risen, dear.” Ling Qing said with sincerity, “The extra 10 million is for my hair treatment. After all, if I don’t divorce you, my hair will turn even more green. Say, does my hair seem very green and shiny right now?”

Yu Chen: …

“Stop making trouble,” he explained, “Myself and Xiao Bai have nothing between us and you know it!”

“Well, of course I know,” Ling Qing looked at him. “The two of you have a heart for each other, I know.”

“You don’t know a damn thing*!” Yu Chen was speechless. * Yu Chen used the word pi which can also mean fart

He didn’t understand why Ling Qing could kick up such a fuss over such a simple matter!

Ling Qing calmly explained to him, “Fart is also called gas. Most animals and humans emit gas…” 

So, at the breakfast table, Yu Chen inexplicably listened to the definition of a fart.

At the end, Ling Qing asked calmly, “Want a peach?”

Yu Chen: …

Yu Chen felt he couldn’t eat anymore and stood up, leaving the house to go to work. As he was leaving, Ling Qing reminded him, “It’ll be 30 million tomorrow, dear. I suggest we divorce as soon as possible so you can enjoy a discount!”

Yu Chen:…

He didn’t want to talk anymore.

Ling Qing had nothing to do at home, so he searched for a local bar to see if there were any handsome boys to keep  him company.

Before he had crossed over, he had been an actor. He had inadvertently reached the top of the industry, becoming a film emperor. The entertainment industry lacked many things, but it wasn’t lacking in handsome men and women. 

Ling Qing liked handsome men and women, especially handsome men. However, due to his identity as the film emperor, he could only look, not touch. 

After all, with so many people watching, Ling Qing had to keep up appearances. Besides, there were so many beauties around but none of them were beautiful enough to drive the car with*. *euphemism for sex

The only one who gave him such an impulse was this golden man Yu Chen. However, if the other person was a scum gong, Ling Qing didn’t want to become the shou. Nonetheless, he was now a part of this book, and as the gong of this novel, Yu Chen certainly wouldn’t become a shou.

‘Let’s find other beauties to view’, Ling Qing thought. He quickly found a place with good reviews and took a taxi.  

As soon as he walked in the bar door, he felt many eyes on him. Most of the people at the bar were regulars, and it was a long time since they saw such a beautiful, sharp man. They couldn’t keep their eyes off him.

His looks were overwhelming, with sharp eyebrows as dark as ink, lips as red as cinnabar, and double lidded peach blossom eyes, his beauty was aggressive. 

Scanning his surroundings, Ling Qing finally saw a little beauty. Satisfied, he hooked the corner of his lips and walked over.


The author has something to say:

Steward: Master, your wife has been at home for 3 days.

Yu Chen: Is he willing to admit his wrongs?

Steward: Madam said there’s plenty of fish in the sea and the fresh meat at the bar is pretty good.

Yu Chen: …

(next chapter)

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  1. I disagree with the amount of 30 million the next day. It should be 40 million and keep doubling as he goes

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  3. OMG !! I love MC so much, and it’s just the first chapter. I can’t wait to gobble up the next ones

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  4. So funny haha Despite mostly consisting of dialogues, I’m enjoying myself and it’s very easy to read and not one thing in this chapter is confusing
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  7. I already like Ling Qing! Hahaha. He can’t lose If he divorces the scum! But the other one doesn’t seem willing to comply.

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