Requests – Provide your opinion on what projects we should pick up!

Since we have quite a bit of new staff, and are furiously working on projects, we will probably finish quite a few series on our planned projects list before the second half of this year. Therefore, we need your help to determine what projects we should scanlate next.

Please fill out the following anonymous google form:

You can view previous requests here or here.

You may request dropped projects or new series. Please keep in mind that it is hard for us to acquire magazine scans, so manga that have already come out in tanko (book format) are preferred.

While requesting projects, please make sure to check the status of the manga on sites such as MangaUpdates for info on licensing and publishers. 

We will only pick up a LIMITED NUMBER of Libre series or RELEASE THEM PRIVATELY. Not sure if a series is Libre or not? Check here.


We will NOT pick up licensed series.


We will NOT pick up series that are on hiatus by the author.


14 responses to “Requests – Provide your opinion on what projects we should pick up!

  1. Hello guys, thanks for this initiative! I have a question, you say that L*bre titles will be released privately, do you mean on LJ? Because I’d like to suggest some works published by them, but it’s pointless if I can’t read them afterwards (since membership is closed for your group) ^^;

    • Hi! Once we get everything sorted out we’ll give more info about our Livejournal! But hopefully it will be pretty easy to join later on. All one needs to do is help us either with actual scanlating work, provide raws, donate a few cents, or simply help create a graphic for us. c:

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  3. hey there!
    it will be very nice if you could translate Koisuru Daigo Sensei -i se it is already on your future list ! thanks for the initiative of asking us what we would like to read 🙂

  4. I was looking around for a group that might translate Darkness Hound chapters 3.5 – 7 (or just 4 – 7, it doesn’t matter). I came across this group and remembered read some of the stuff you translated and wanted to ask you guys could translate it. If you say no, I understand (it is a weird yaoi). If you do happen to say yes, you don’t have to put a rush on it (you’re the boss ya know). Just knowing it might be translated is good enough for me~! Thank you~!!!

  5. I’m really curious what happened to this group. It was like they vanished in the air. A shame because it was the only group I found willing to take over Isino Aya’s works and make them justice. Tsubaki Biyori has a sequel and as Lies are Gentleman Manners June won’t be bothered to publish them, of course 😑
    I’m talking to the void, hehe.

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