Recruiting! Freelancers welcome!

Hello everyone!

We’re currently a bit short on staff, especially translators, so we’re looking for Japanese to English translators (or Japanese proofreaders/translation-checkers), cleaners, and typesetters for various projects!

These include:

  • Shiina-kun no Torikemo Hyakka by Tootsuki Shiya (Slice of Life, not BL; needs typesetter)

Experience is preferred, but not necessary. Freelancers are welcome~

Also, if you know Japanese or Chinese and are interested in translating any of the works on our future or requested projects lists, let us know, and we may be able to work something out regarding cleaning/typesetting!

Please fill out this form if you wish to apply. Thank you!

4 responses to “Recruiting! Freelancers welcome!

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  2. Sorry, I’m not a prospective helper OTL;;; but have you dudes tried looking on MangaHelpers and/or 4chan? I know the second one is a bit of a long shot, but I know many translators lurk deep within the bowels of /a/.

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