Why WordPress?

So I decided to move our move site over to WordPress! Why?

  • Nice layouts that are easier to navigate.
  • More features! (Links and such.)

Tumblr can also be confusing to those who don’t use it often! We will still be using tumblr to announce releases and answer questions, but all download links will be posted on WordPress.


7 responses to “Why WordPress?

  1. damn it, thats sad! in my stupid country wordpress is kinda… not working. i have to use anonymous proxy which is inconvenient 😦
    but anyway thanks for translating! I’m ready to deal up with difficulties in order to read your translations! Please, keep it up!

    • Oh, I’m sorry for the inconvenience! Hopefully it won’t be too much of a bother. We will still be announcing which chapters are released on tumblr (we were just lazy this time around), so you can always email us and we’ll send you the download links.

  2. The site us gorgeous. Congrats. I just used this account so I can visit your site. I have reason now to use wordpress now. :3

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